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Avondale Estates is located within DeKalb County and is a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan area near the much larger city of Decatur. According to the 2010 census, the population in Avondale Estates is 2,960 people, but within the last seven years more have come here to live just outside of the city in a very quaint, clean Georgian environment consisting of beautiful properties that are engulfed by beautiful oak tree forests.

Many of these lots were originally purchased back in the 1890s when the area was called Ingleside. In 1924, a medicine magnate named George Francis Willis founded Avondale Estates by purchasing the entire Ingleside village in order to create a planned community. He named the community after Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, and designed the commercial district of the city in a Tudor style to support his vision.

Today the community boasts an ample amount of amenities for Avondale Estates residents including parks, tennis courts, a swimming pool, lake and clubhouse. The commercial district is a thriving economy full of restaurants, consignment shops, art galleries, music rehearsal spaces and a whole variety of businesses; but one of the key landmarks in Avondale Estates is the location of the very first Waffle House. This Waffle House location originally opened in 1955, and today it’s a museum.

When Accidents Happen

Even in such a quaint, suburban town like Avondale Estates, unfortunate accidents do occur that could potentially lead to personal injuries created by an individual’s negligence. Many tourists come to Avondale Estates to see the centralized downtown area and Lake Avondale, which can inevitably lead to drivers who are unfamiliar with the area creating vehicle accidents. Many other people are simply passing through the town to get around busy routes to and from Atlanta as well, which can lead to somewhat congested roadways and traffic.

It doesn’t matter if you are injured in downtown Atlanta or on the calmer streets of Avondale Estates by someone else’s negligence or your own, because when it comes down to it, personal injuries simply can change people’s lives within the quickest of moments.

You can be living your life and providing plentifully for your family and loved ones, and then one day that might be very different due to someone’s negligence in an accident. You could potentially have to deal with hospital visits, stress and physical pain, which can make working more difficult and planning your family’s future much more vague.

These situations can seem rather bleak, but it’s important to know that you have options when you’ve suffered a personal injury to recover any losses from the party who caused your injuries. That’s where Greathouse Trial Law steps in and takes the reigns, because when you hire a team of personal injury legal specialists in Avondale Estates you are going to ensure that your legal rights are protected and that our team will work passionately to get you your deserved compensation.

What Greathouse Trial Law Does

The Greathouse team didn’t become personal injury experts overnight, and over the years we’ve dealt with countless different kinds of personal injuries that all include unique circumstances on a case-by-case basis. We know we aren’t medical specialists who can professionally ease your physical or mental suffering, but what we promise is to take your case very seriously and carefully take in your questions and concerns as we prepare to evaluate your possible approaches at getting the best opportunity to obtain a maximum compensation for your loved ones and yourself.

It took us many years to get to where we’re at today in terms of negotiating with insurance companies, opposing another party’s legal counsel and effectively getting consistently successful outcomes for our clients.

Injuries We Cover

If a legal team informs you they’re experts in all fields of law they are most likely being untruthful, and at Greathouse Trial Law we’ve become specialized personal injury attorneys to protect all of those people who get injured in Avondale Estates, GA and the surrounding areas of the state.

Some of the personal injury practice areas that we specialize within include the following:

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We know exactly how to analyze evidence, calculate damages, determine liability and properly negotiate with insurance adjusters as we evaluate each and every one of our cases. Most personal injury cases are settled outside of any courtroom, which makes your timing and preparation extremely imperative in terms of getting you the greatest settlement amount.

So don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us to get in touch with an Avondale Estates personal injury specialist today.

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