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Clarkston, Georgia is located within DeKalb County, and as of the 2010 census it has a population of 7,554. In recent years, Clarkston has boomed in terms of growth, and the estimated population as of 2016 is now almost double the census numbers at 12,742. One of the most popular attractions in Clarkson is its Georgia State Universities Perimeter College campus.

Clarkston is known for its ethnic diversity and it has gained the nicknames the Ellis Island of the South and The Most Diverse Square Mile in America. One of the main reasons why Clarkston is so diverse is because in the 1990s there were several refugee settlement programs that thought Clarkston would be a great American town for displaced people from all over the globe to settle down within. By the early 2000s, Clarkston High School boasted students from over 50 different nations, as well as an 800-person mosque congregation. Around this time it was estimated that about half of the city was born in the United States. Clarkston’s city motto is Where Possibilities Grow.

Although Clarkston is and has been an incredible place for immigrants and people of all ethnicities to grow into achieving their American dreams, accidents still do happen here just like everywhere else. If you or a loved one in the Clarkston, GA area have suffered from an injury that was due to someone else’s irresponsibility or negligence then you are not alone, and although almost all of these incidents are simply unfortunate accidents there is no doubt about it that personal injuries can create very real, and very long-lasting problems for you and your family.

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Greathouse Trial Law helps clients in Alpharetta with the following types of cases:

How Greathouse Trial Law Can Help

If you have suffered from any of the above accidents, or any other similar personal injury accidents, then a Clarkston personal injury attorney from our firm should represent you as soon as possible. Attorney Riah Greathouse is highly qualified to take on the intricate details of your case and has only gotten positive reviews from his previous clients, which you can see on the reviews page of our site.

How a Clarkston Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist With Your Case

Our firm includes personal injury law experts who can analyze your case and guide you through the proper steps that must be taken in order to get the maximum amount of recovery damages you are owed. We have more than an ample amount of experience in terms of investigating cases and making sure our clients have a reliable case against the negligent party.

We have had years of success reaching extremely massive settlements for injured victims in Clarkston and throughout the state of Georgia, and very well may be capable of helping you and your case as well.

Timing and Statute of Limitations

The moment you end up sustaining your injuries you are officially on the clock in terms of the legal process, which is such an important aspect that most people overlook. In Georgia there are very strict deadlines, and with workers’ compensation those deadlines are extremely short.

These timeframes, otherwise known as statues of limitations, are exactly why you should contact a Clarkston, GA personal injury attorney the day of your accident. By doing this you’ll be putting yourself and your chances of receiving the very most of the compensation you deserve in a much better legal position.

So don’t hesitate to speak with one of Greathouse’s representatives and discuss the intricate details about your case. At that point we’ll simply do our job, which is to help people get through these kinds of troubling experiences.

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Georgia has a limited time in which you can file a personal injury claim, so you should contact an attorney as soon as possible if you think you have a case.

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