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With a population of over 105,000, Sandy Springs is one of the largest cities in Georgia. That means it’s a bustling, thriving city with plenty of culture, jobs, and prime real estate. But it also means there are plenty of opportunities for traffic accidents and other situations that cause personal injury.

Personal Injury Claims

Anytime the negligent or criminal actions of one person cause injury to another, the injured person has the right to sue the other party in a personal injury claim. To be successful, the injured person (the plaintiff), must show that the other person (the defendant) owed him or her a duty of care, and that the defendant failed to carry out this duty by acting irresponsibly. If the plaintiff can then show that the defendant’s negligent behavior caused him or her injury – whether physical or emotional – and can show the extent of these injuries – then the defendant must compensate the plaintiff for his or her injuries. In most cases, this means the defendant’s insurance company must pay for any medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering experienced by the injured person as a result of the accident.

Of course, the insurance company hardly ever gives the plaintiff the amount he or she truly deserves. Since the insurance company is a business out to make money, they’ll usually offer a settlement much lower than what the plaintiff should fairly receive for his or her injuries.

Having a good personal injury attorney on your side, however, changes everything. With experience as council in over 1000 criminal and civil cases throughout Georgia, attorney Riah Greathouse knows firsthand how to win fair settlements for his clients – for whom he’s recovered millions of dollars.

Our Services

Greathouse Trial Law represents the following types of personal injury cases in Sandy Springs:

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, you may not feel like filing a legal claim. If your accident was serious, you may want to focus on healing or getting back to work as soon as possible. But if your accident was caused by another person’s negligence, filing a claim will make your situation easier. For example, after a car accident, you may need surgery or medicine that can be highly expensive. In that case, the other person is required by law to cover these costs. Without filing a claim, however, you can’t receive this compensation.

Types of Accidents

Georgia law has a time limit – known as a statute of limitations – for filing a personal injury claim, which means you should act as soon as possible after an accident. Because filing a claim can be stressful, we offer free consultations to victims of personal injury accidents.

Greathouse covers a number of different personal injury cases. We commonly deal with traffic accidents: collisions, hit and runs, and pedestrian and bicycle accidents. In fact, at least 1,000,000 people are injured in car accidents every year in the U.S. That’s to say nothing of truck accidents, which are often more serious because of the trucks’ heavy weight and massive size. Meanwhile, motorcycle accidents are also a problem, since motorcyclists often have less protection than drivers of other vehicles.

We also handle many premises liability cases: from slip and fall accidents to dog bites. Other personal injury cases involve medical malpractice, which means a doctor or nurse has acted negligently toward a patient. When a nurse gives a patient the wrong kind of medication, or when a caregiver fails to provide a nursing home resident with the specialized care they need, that’s an example of medical malpractice. While it’s sad to say, sometimes an accident causes the death of the victim, in which case the deceased’s family can pursue a wrongful death claim to prove that the defendant’s negligence contributed to their loved one’s death.

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Whatever your situation, Greathouse Trial Law can help guide you through the process of filing your claim and getting a fair settlement.

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