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Determining Fault in Right of Way Accidents

Right of way is a term that many drivers are familiar with, but may not know how it actually applies to the roadways. This phrase describes which driver has the legal right to enter a roadway, travel through an intersection, or make any other traffic related movement. There are many rules when it comes to determining the right of way, but accidents can still happen. Here is how fault is determined in a right of way accident.

Right of way accidents can occur in nearly every place a car can drive. The most common places are intersections. Because crashes can occur at many different types of intersections, the police and insurance companies may have different ways of determining fault. However, most of the time it will be determined by evidence from the scene and eyewitness testimony.

Some wrecks may occur at a four-way stop with no traffic lights. When drivers approach a four-way stop, it is important to yield to the car who first arrived. If all cars arrived at the same time, then right of way must be given to the vehicle on the right. Police may be able to pinpoint who is at fault due to the order of the cars in the intersection at the same time.

Accidents can also occur at intersections with traffic lights. In order to avoid an accident at an intersection like this, it is important to note the rules around these intersections. Even when the light is green, it is important to wait to make sure that there is no oncoming traffic before continuing. If an accident occurs at an intersection, evidence from the location will likely be used. This could include asking local business owners to check their cameras, or eyewitness testimony from other drivers.

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