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Atlanta, GA Personal Injury Attorney Explains Why a Gap in Treatment Can Be Detrimental to Your Case

You may have seen my last message that I sent you where I referenced the gap in treatment for your case. The gap in treatment is one of the three reasons why missing your medical appointments can ruin your case. But what is a gap in treatment? Well, that's a great question. Really, there is no defined period of time.

A gap in treatment is insurance industry lingo. It means that there has been a long period of time between an injury and when you go to the doctor or hospital or, alternatively, a long delay between one medical visit and the next. So, is it one day, two days, one month? The answer comes down to the severity of the injury. It is industry accepted that a person who was severely injured will not delay in seeking medical treatment. The best way I can explain this principle is by giving you an example. If you are claiming that you have a broken foot, it is unlikely that you will wait a month to go to the doctor.

Therefore, if you're trying to be compensated for a broken foot injury, and it takes you a month to go to the doctor from the time of the accident, the insurance company is going to deny that claim for a gap in treatment. Why? Because it is the insurance company's position that you likely broke your foot somewhere else and not the accident, or you would have gone directly to the hospital or the doctor.

The bottom line is this. If you have been injured, do not delay getting treatment. If something truly arises and you need to skip some time, reach out to our team so that we can document any issues related to the gap and be prepared to respond in your case.

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