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Is It Legal to Lane Split On a Motorcycle in Georgia?

Hey there, I'm Riah Greathouse, the owner of Greathouse Trial Law. Lane splitting on a motorcycle is a law that differs across the country, and Georgia's stance might surprise many riders. Currently, lane splitting remains illegal in 49 states, including Georgia.

Lane splitting involves a motorcycle maneuvering between lanes of stationary or slow-moving traffic, often seen in congested situations. While it can help motorcycles navigate traffic, it's a risky move with unclear legal guidelines in case of accidents.

Determining fault in a lane-splitting accident is complex. It hinges on the legality of lane splitting, opinions of law enforcement and the court, and actions of both the driver and motorcyclist pre-accident. Generally, fault leans toward the motorcyclist unless clear evidence proves otherwise.

Georgia's road safety laws mandate safe motorcycle operation, prohibiting actions hindering safe travel. Additionally, adherence to Georgia's helmet law is crucial—requiring all motorcycle operators and passengers to wear safety-standard helmets.

Despite caution, accidents may occur. Seeking legal counsel after an accident is crucial. An attorney assists in working with insurance companies and probing the responsible party.

For legal guidance after a motorcycle accident, connect with us online at or via phone at (404) 599-9999. We're here to help you navigate the legal intricacies.

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