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Is It Legal to Lane Split On a Motorcycle in Georgia?

Hi I'm ryan greathouse the owner of great house trial law lane splitting on a motorcycle is one of the few laws that are not consistent across the country many people who drive motorcycles in georgia may not know if it's legal currently lane splitting is illegal in 49 states including georgia lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle drives in between two lanes of stopped traffic or slowly moving cars usually in traffic jams while this can allow a bike to safely pass slower moving traffic this is a hazardous move with no clear direction on what should happen if an accident occurs if an accident happens while a motorcycle is lane splitting fault can be hard to objectively determine determining fault depends on whether or not lane splitting is legal the views of the police officer and judge and the actions of both the driver and the motorcyclist before the accident the fault will most likely be assigned to the motorcyclist a motorcyclist's injuries or any damage to the other vehicle will need to be paid for by the motorcycle rider unless they can sufficiently prove the other party's fault however it can only be the other car's responsibility if the vehicle was changing lanes weaving or if the driver was distracted georgia road safety laws require motorcyclists to operate their vehicles safely and refrain from actions that may prevent the safe operation additionally riders must abide by george's helmet law which states that all motorcycle operators and passengers must wear helmets that meet safety standards even with extreme caution accidents can still happen if you've been injured one of the most essential things to do is to consult with an attorney who can help you work with insurance companies and investigate the responsible party you can connect with us online at or by phone at (404) 599-9999.

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