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Meet Riah Greathouse

My name's Riah Greathouse I am the owner and the founder of great house trial law right here in atlanta we're located downtown 260 peachtree street in the heart of the city we've had our office since 2015 after i left the da's office in fulton county where i was a felony prosecutor so i've been practicing as an attorney in the state of georgia since 2010 which is the year that i graduated from the thurgood marshall school of law at texas southern university i'm married to amina greathouse my amazing wife and she is our wonderful chief financial officer of great house trial law we have one son alexander who is in first grade when i'm not practicing law my hobbies include any sports i'm a huge sports fanatic particularly baseball football cheering on any of the local sports teams go braves falcons even though we're not doing too well right now the hawks of course uga i just love sports sports and grilling that's another thing you can always catch me every weekend i'll be putting something on my big green egg or my traeger and that's just so relaxing and calming for me i have lived in atlanta my entire life i'm one of the few that's born and raised in atlanta with the exception of college and law school you know outside of the state but otherwise i've lived my entire adult life in the state of georgia in atlanta i love that there's so much to do in atlanta i love the people the diversity the different cultures that have come together i think that atlanta is such a wonderfully unique city that has so many opportunities for so many people my passion is helping people i truly believe that it's my calling it's something that i'm grateful for for every opportunity that i have to make someone's life better whether it's our clients who come to us for us to solve a problem even to our employees there's nothing greater than being able to provide someone a job a lifestyle that they can continue to go through day to day and know that that i'm there to help them and and be there with them to make their lives better something that no one knows about me is that i absolutely love gushers i love fruit snacks so when i am stressed out before i go to bed while some people may have a nightcap mine is gushers so i'll have a pack of gushers and that calms me right on down my personal key to success is to stay in a state of gratitude i think that by being thankful for the opportunities and the things that i have in my life has allowed for me to give thanks to my creator and all the blessings that i have so all of my successes i credit god with it and i stand a thankful mind and that always gets me through the day and makes me strive for more while still being appreciative of what i have.

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