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Reminders For Driving Next to Large Commercial Trucks

Hi, I’m Riah Greathouse and I'm the owner of Greathouse Trial Law . Today i want to remind you of some important road safety when driving on the road with large commercial trucks when sharing the road with semi trucks it's important to remember that larger vehicles have a harder time slowing down this means that it's important to be mindful of changing lanes around them make sure that you leave them enough space to provide the driver ample time to slow down if they need to because large trucks are much higher off the ground they may have a harder time seeing smaller vehicles be mindful of where their mirrors are if you can't see their mirrors they can't see you this is especially important when entering their blind spots be mindful of your everyday driver safety drive at a safe speed and always use your turning signals when passing or merging with large trucks let the trucks have the right of way remember that large trucks are not inherently dangerous while truck drivers go through a lot of training and have experience with their vehicles accidents can still happen if you've been in an accident and need help call us today you don't have to feel alone during this process we want to serve the great people of atlanta and give a voice to the voiceless we're here to help

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