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The Importance of Calling the Police After an Accident

Many times I have someone call the office and they tell me they just had an accident, but they only exchanged phone numbers with the other person, and they never filed a police report. Hi, I'm Riah Greathouse and Greathouse Trial Law. I want to tell you why filing a police report is essential to your case. Do you remember what you ate a week ago? Well, if you haven't written it down, it's not likely that you do even though the accident was a traumatic event. If at the moment you didn't feel injured enough to call the police. It is likely that you won't remember the details of the accident later when you realize that you have serious pain in your neck. I recently had a client that was involved in a 10 mile per hour collision that didn't appear to be much physical damage to the vehicle. And at the time, she did not feel injured and decided that they would just exchange numbers. After leaving the scene. She went home that night, she felt shooting pains in her neck, she decided to go to the hospital and come to find out she had a certain cool strain from the impact of medical bills rose to around $5,000 and the car had about $800 worth of damage. But here's the problem. The number that she received was a fake number in the report, nowhere to be found. Reporting accidents is critical to making sure that all the details of your case have been written down and you have all the information of the other driver right at the moment it's happened and your memory is best. If you need help with your case, don't delay we can help you today to get the maximum recovery that you deserve. Thanks for watching. If you liked this video, please hit the subscribe button below or you can reach us at our website at thanks.

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