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The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Courtroom Personal Injury Lawyer

So, immediately after law school, that was during the recession is you remember, I came out and I was able to get hired by a boutique DUI defense firm. And after that, working there for about a year and a half, two years getting my feet wet, I was able to go and serve as an assistant district attorney for Fulton County where it were prosecuted violent felonies. Daily, we were we were in court, you know, in front of a judge of kind of trial by fire. No, no pun intended. But as you can imagine, it's very busy. you're arguing in front of a jury, you're arguing motions, you're filing motions, you're advocating on behalf of clients. I mean, it was the best training ground I could ask for it's second nature to be, you know, in front of a judge or jury? I do. I think that unfortunately, many lawyers are glorified paper pushers, they they'd rather settle and get the quick book, not just because of greed, but I think a lot of them either don't know how to go to court, or they're intimidated by the court system. So I'd absolutely say that it's been extremely beneficial to have had that prosecutor experience and, you know, when I handpick my, my lawyers on my team that are part of Greathouse Trial Law, I make sure every single one of them has courtroom experience as well. I absolutely believe that lawyers who go to court to get higher settlements, insurance companies know which lawyers are willing to try cases they know which lawyers are even willing to file a lawsuit. If an insurance company is not afraid of your lawyer, then obviously they're not going to give you top dollar.

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