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Three Tips For Driving in Cold Weather

When navigating through cold weather, even in regions like Georgia where snowy winters are infrequent, it's crucial to drive cautiously. Consider these three essential tips for safe driving in cold conditions:

  • Keep Winter Gear Handy: Be prepared for sudden snow or icy conditions. Store a comprehensive cold weather kit in your vehicle, comprising extra food, water, warm clothing, a flashlight, an ice scraper, blankets, essential medications, tarp, jumper cables, and traction aids like salt or sand.
  •  Maintain Adequate Fuel Levels: Always ensure your tank is at least half full. Unexpected road closures during harsh weather could leave you stranded. Keeping your tank sufficiently fueled will enable you to keep the vehicle running for warmth and safety.
  • Check Tire Condition: Regularly inspect your tires to guarantee proper inflation and adequate tread depth. To assess tread depth, use the "penny test": insert a penny into the tread, and if Lincoln's entire face is visible, it's time for new tires. Use a tire pressure gauge to check inflation accurately.

Remember, these precautions can significantly enhance your safety during cold weather drives.

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