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What If You've Been Injured by a Distracted Driver?

There are many reasons that a car accident may occur however distracted driving causes many crashes throughout the year including in georgia [Music] distracted driving is any activity that may take your attention away from the road distractions can include checking text messages looking at your phone for directions eating and adjusting your music it is illegal under the hands-free act to touch your phone while driving in georgia while this act has prevented some crashes accidents still occur due to distracted driving if you've been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver then the other driver is typically liable for any damages however the driver may not admit that they were distracted you have to prove that the driver caused the collision to get the compensation that you deserve evidence could include video from traffic cameras photos from bystanders or witness testimony this evidence could help you get the compensation for property damage medical bills lost income and more an experienced personal injury attorney can help you prove distracted driving and help you get the compensation that you deserve if you've been injured and need legal help call great house trial law today you can connect with us online at or by phone at (404) 599-9999.

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