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Who Can Receive Workers' Compensation?

Georgia can get different types of weather throughout the year from snowstorms to tornadoes to hurricanes while it is technically possible to drive in every kind of weather here are some tips on staying safe while driving in these five types of inclement weather number one rain when driving in storms it's crucial to turn your windshield wipers and headlights on you should also make sure that your windshield is clear by using the defrost setting be patient turn off your cruise control and find an alternate route if the road starts to flood number two ice and snow if you choose to drive in the ice and snow make sure to be patient and go slowly keep your windows clear by using your windshield wipers and your defrost you'll also need to use your brakes cautiously number three fog while driving in the fog may not seem as high risk as driving in a tornado it can still be very dangerous turn on your headlights and keep them on low beam additionally you should pull off to the side of the road and turn your hazards on if you have low visibility number four high winds if you drive a car with a higher center of gravity it may be best to avoid driving at all however if driving is unavoidable watch for flying debris and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel number five tornadoes in severe weather turn on the local news and weather stations to stay up to date never try to chase a tornado if you see a tornado get out of the car and find shelter immediately if you can't reach a safe structure lie down in a ditch or low area stay face down and cover the back of your head and neck with your hands no matter the weather buckle up and keep your eyes on the road call great house trial law today if you've been injured and need legal help you can connect with us online at or by phone at (404) 599-9999.

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