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Personal Injury Attorney Riah Greathouse Featured in Business Concept Magazine

ATLANTA, Georgia—Riah Greathouse, Personal Injury Attorney and Founder of Greathouse Trial Law, LLC, announces his cover feature in the February 2023 edition of Business Concept Magazine. This digital publication showcases outstanding business leaders.

Greathouse, an Atlanta native, is the son of parents with careers in criminal justice. He naturally fell into the same career path, graduating in the top 10% of his law school before embarking on internships with Judge Clarence Cooper of the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia and Chief Judge Myra H. Dixon of the State Court of Fulton County Georgia.

Business Concept Magazine feature

In the Business Concept Magazine feature, Greathouse explains that it seemed natural to want to be a prosecutor and fight for victims’ rights, but he got burned out from constantly dealing with crime and bad news. “I wanted a way to be able to still fight for people, and personal injury seemed like the next best thing,” he explains. “But instead of asking for jail time, I am asking for money.”

Next, Greathouse shares why he believes it’s vital for him and his team to constantly learn their craft by taking continuing legal education classes, talking to other lawyers, and keeping their skills sharp in service to the clients who retain Greathouse Trial Law every day. He explains his philosophy of providing a personal touch with every client, regardless of how busy the firm gets. It’s one significant reason he intentionally limits the amount of clients assigned to his caseworkers and attorneys. “The only way to truly fight for someone is to be able to share their story,” Greathouse says. “The only way to share their story is to get to know them and try to understand that story.”

Business Concept Magazine feature 2023

As the article progresses, he answers questions about his approach to evaluating and accepting new personal injury cases; choosing medical experts and other personal injury specialists; helping clients understand the legal process and their options; and working with clients to build a solid case and present evidence in court.

The feature ends with Greathouse offering one piece of business advice. “Learn your craft,” he says. “So often you have business owners, and it’s not even just limited to lawyers, I say business owners in general, that are so driven by the money that they’re doing a disservice. The money will come if you know your craft, and if you’re providing outstanding service or product, then it’s going to sell itself. We do exactly what we say we’re going to do, and we mean what we say. It is something that has served us well.”

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About Business Concept Magazine

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About Greathouse Trial Law, LLC

Riah Greathouse and Greathouse Trial Law care about their clients and go above and beyond to represent their interests, from negotiating with insurance companies to fighting for their clients in court, if necessary. The Atlanta-based personal injury law firm offers a skilled and experienced team in a broad range of practice areas, from auto accidents to slip and falls, with services throughout the state of Georgia. For a free consultation, contact Greathouse Trial Law at 678-310-2827.

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