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Proving Lost Wages After an Accident

Being in an accident is costly – oftentimes, victims are left with bills of surgeries and rehabilitation. However, this amount does not include compensation that might be missed due to the injury. Lost wages refer to the amount you would have earned had your injuries not prevented you from working. Lost wages compensation is a common type of claim filed after the victim in an accident faces financial hardships after a personal injury. Proving them is an important step to maintain your finances after a traumatic and costly accident.

In addition to covering missed work due to medical appointments or time spent recovering, lost wages also covers lost earning potential. This occurs when a person’s injury is severe enough to cause the victim to change careers or become disabled.

When it comes time to prove your lost wages, documentation is incredibly important. You can prove your wages through your income. A letter from your employer should include dates missed, and the amount of pay that you lost.

Documentation can also come from pay stubs and prior tax returns. These will show how much you earned before your personal injury, and can be used to make up for your lost wages in a claim.

A serious injury can also prevent you from pursuing more lucrative job offers. This is called loss of earning capacity, and is also included in a lost wage claim. For example, if you have to switch to a lesser-paying job, that would be a loss of earning capacity. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you put together your lost earning capacity, as well as any bonuses, promotions, pay raises, or other career advancement opportunities that you could have expected.

Filing a claim can be complex. This is why you’ll need to speak with an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury. Here at Greathouse Trial Law, we want to help you understand your rights.

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