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Yielding the Right of Way: What it Means for You

For most drivers across the United States, right-of-way refers to general traffic rules to be observed while on the road or highway. However, it is much more than that:

To yield right-of-way refers to the strict adherence to roadway rules and regulations, especially those about who is entitled to keep moving at a controlled round-about or intersections when two or more vehicles meet in a bid to prevent car accidents and promote order.

Drivers tend to relax when considering yield Right-of-way on less busy roads. However, the truth is that the compass of Right-of-way goes beyond the main roads. The less busy streets are also captured, and the same traffic laws apply in these cases too.

What Happens When You Fail To Yield to Right-of-way In Georgia?

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Failure to yield to the right-of-way increases the chances of traffic accidents. Some accidents can result in a minor casualty and property damage, while a more severe accident involving a failure to yield can result in a prolonged stay at the hospital and even death. It is quite unfortunate that avoidable tragedies have occurred in Georgia as a result of failure to yield to Right-of-way.

Drivers can be sanctioned for violating traffic laws regarding right-of-way by law enforcement agency officials in Atlanta, Georgia. The state law makes it clear that yielding right-of-way is relevant, even at an intersection that has no signals, yield signs or stops signs. Additionally, tickets can also be handed down to drivers who refuse to follow traffic rules about yielding to the right-of-way protocol at four stop signs that are positioned directly opposite each other.

According to Georgia state Laws, drivers can be sanctioned due to the acquisition of several points under the driver’s license point system, which is based on a violation of traffic rules (including not yielding right-of-way) and the age of the driver. Most times, sanctions involve the seizure of driving license. For example, drivers below 18 who commit a 4-point offense will face the penalty of license suspension for six months on a first offense, and the suspension period of one year for subsequent offenses in Georgia.

A wide range of factors often causes failure to yield to Right-of-way. Some of them are impatience on the part of guilty drivers, drivers who drive right after drinking, and many more. In a number of cases, these ugly incidents could have been avoided.

Atlanta’s many recreational destinations make it a major cyclist destination. However, Heavy traffic and general unavailability of bike lanes expose tourists and cyclists to accidents.

The Municipal Court Of Atlanta

The Municipal Court of Atlanta is located at 150 Garnett Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. It handles a wide variety of cases bordering on state laws and city ordinances. They include traffic and movement breaches. They are saddled with the responsibility of dispensing justice, equity, fairness, and advocating respect for the judicial system. They are responsible for the reception of payment of fines by traffic offenders amongst other responsibilities.

The Atlanta Municipal Court has a fine payment scale to help you in getting an estimate of the total amount of your fine traffic ticket. This has been made easy by the creation of a payment portal for this  purpose meaning you don’t have to journey down to their location to remit your ticket fee, in case you are issued one.

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Get Legal Help on Traffic Issues

If you find yourself having traffic issues relating to Right-of-way which may range from property damage in a traffic accident due to a careless driver to being hit by a negligent driver and you feel the other party is responsible, the best move you can make is to contact an Atlanta lawyer who would examine your situation.

This would help you focus on your recovery process while an attorney is processing all your entitlements as an accident victim. We have qualified attorneys who have handled similar cases and have recovered millions of dollars for clients. Contact us today for a FREE consultation to see how we can help you.

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