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Chamblee (Sham-blee), is located within the northern reaches of DeKalb County northeast of downtown Atlanta. As of the 2010 census, Chamblee has a local population of 9,892, but in recent years the amount of people moving to Chamblee has skyrocketed. The estimated population of Chamblee as of 2016 is now 28,306, which shows how desirable of a suburb this town is with its close proximity to Atlanta and its own thriving local economy.

Originally, the land that is Chamblee today was dairy farms, and when a railroad intersection was constructed in the late nineteenth century Chamblee became a trading post. During both World Wars, Chamblee was a military operations site, which created a giant influx of people and a building boom throughout the town. After World War II, Chamblee continued to grow due to nearby manufacturing plants, and by the 1980s it became an affordable housing area that was very appealing to immigrants, which started Chamblee’s multi-cultural renaissance that continues to thrive today.

Although Chamblee is technically a suburb of Atlanta, it’s considered to be Atlanta’s Chinatown through its Chinatown mall and marketplace. The market originally opened in 1988 and saw a huge expansion in 1996 when hundreds of immigrants moved to Chamblee from Beijing. Today, the Chamblee Chinatown is a popular place for people all over the Atlanta Metropolitan Area to come experience Chinese cuisine and culture.

As of now, there are also a lot of ways for people to get to Chamblee from around the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, and the amount of roadway congestion and influx within the local economy is a testament to how much Chamblee has grown in recent years. The major roads near Chamblee include I-85, US 23 and SR 141, and there is also a MARTA station and Xpress GA commuter bus stops as well. There is a massive construction project planned in Chamblee that will include a multi-use trail that will be known as the Peachtree Creek Greenway. This bike and pedestrian path will connect Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee and Doraville.

With so much transportation going on throughout Chamblee it’s inevitable that there are a lot of car accidents and other personal injury incidents. That’s why it’s important to better understand what personal injuries are and how you can be better prepared to know what to do in terms of proving negligence against someone who you were involved in an accident with. Reaching out to one of our personal injury experts who help people in Chamblee in these kinds of situations is always the best thing you can do when you’re involved with a potential personal injury claim.

Defining Personal Injuries

The basic legal definition of a personal injury is the emotional or physical injury that a person suffers, which often is the result of some kind of accident. Georgia state laws dictate when it’s ok for an injured person to sue another individual for compensation that coincides to their specific injuries. These laws basically state that a plaintiff is allowed to sue when the defendant’s criminal actions or negligence was the cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

Some examples of this can include an assault victim suing their assailant for their injuries they sustained, or a nursing home/healthcare provider being sued for medical malpractice that caused illness or injury.

All personal injury circumstances are different, which is why it’s essential to reach out to Chamblee, GA personal injury lawyers like ourselves who have put in years of experience consistently helping countless people in the Atlanta Metro Area get excellent compensation results.

Proving Negligence

Negligence claims are a part of most personal injury cases, and they essentially are a claim that someone else’s misconduct or negligent acts caused the injuries and other subsequent damages involved within the case.

Proving negligence isn’t always so easy, and there are several key factors that generally must be proven. First and foremost, it must be proven that the responsible party had a legal obligation to act reasonably to essentially prevent the injury that happened to the victim.

Next, the plaintiff must show proof that the defendant failed them by not acting reasonably, and that this specific failure to act reasonably was the eventual cause of their injuries. And lastly, the personal injury victim must provide proof as to how exactly they’ve suffered, which can include any kind of financial losses that occurred that was related to the injuries.

Common Compensations

Some of the more common compensations that injured victims and personal injury lawyers in Chamblee will attempt to get include:

Lost wages

Medical bills

Lost future earnings

Pain and suffering

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These kinds of compensations help ease personal injury victims past their accident, and an expert Chamblee personal injury attorney from the Greathouse Trial Law can help get you the compensation you rightfully need and deserve, so contact us today!

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