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Atlanta, GA Personal Injury Attorney Describes The Importance Of Attending Your Medical Appointments

Thank you the medical bills determine a large part of the damages that you've suffered in the case if your bills are high due to a serious injury Your settlement will likely be higher if your bills are low then your settlement will likely be lower why is this important there are so many reasons that I hear for not attending medical appointments I don't have a ride I don't have insurance I can't afford it I can't miss work my boss won't give me time off I think I'm getting better although many of these reasons could be valid failing to attend medical appointments can ruin your case it is so important to understand how the medical treatment helps us get maximum value for your case reason number one they are the basis of determining the value of your case reason number two a gap in treatment can cause the insurance company to deny that you are even injured in the case reason number three failing to attend appointments will delay your case as a word of caution I send this video and I ask that you please do not miss any appointments if you have any more questions reach out to our team and we'll get them answered in the meantime I wish you well on a speedy recovery thank you.

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