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Atlanta, GA Personal Injury Attorney Explains Why A Gap In Treatment Can Be Detrimental To Your Case

In my previous message, I referenced the crucial aspect of the "Gap in Treatment" for your case. It's one of three pivotal reasons why missing medical appointments can significantly impact your case's strength. But what exactly does "Gap in Treatment" mean?

In the insurance realm, it refers to a substantial period between an injury occurrence and seeking medical attention or a prolonged delay between consecutive medical visits. The duration of this gap isn't strictly defined—it varies based on the injury's severity.

For instance, if you claim a broken foot but delay seeking medical care for a month after the incident, the insurance company might contest your claim, citing the gap in treatment. They assume a severe injury would prompt immediate medical attention.

Delaying treatment could jeopardize your claim's credibility. If you genuinely need to skip appointments due to unforeseen circumstances, it's vital to inform our team. We'll ensure documentation of any issues related to the gap, preparing us to respond effectively in your case.

Remember, swift action in seeking medical treatment after an injury is crucial. If any issues arise that affect your treatment schedule, reaching out to us promptly will help us address and document these concerns, strengthening your case.

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