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Can I File a Lawsuit If I Was Not Injured In My Accident?

Hi, I'm Riah Greathouse, the owner of Greathouse Trial Law. Many people wonder about filing a lawsuit after a car accident, even if they weren't injured. Let me illustrate with an example: I once heard of a man heading to President Obama's inauguration. Despite an accident without injuries or damages, it caused him to miss this historic event.

Even without injuries, a car accident can bring significant inconveniences such as vehicle damage, lost work time, or missing crucial life moments. While it's heartbreaking, here's the unfortunate news: without physical damage, a claim for personal injuries cannot exist. Injuries are measured by healthcare providers, and missing an event, though devastating, isn't medically compensable.

So, in such cases, the answer is no, a lawsuit can't be filed without injuries. However, there might be a claim for property damage. Each case varies, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. This uniqueness underscores the importance of consulting an attorney. They can assist in working with insurance companies and investigating the responsible party.

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