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Can I File a Lawsuit If I Was Not Injured In My Accident?

Hi my name is Riah Greathouse,  I'm the owner of great house trial law many people ask if they can file a lawsuit after an accident even if they were not injured to answer this question let me give an example i once heard a story of a man who was on his way to the presidential inauguration of president obama on his way he was involved in an accident that did not cause any injuries even though there were no damages the accident resulted in him missing the inauguration in a historical moment many times even if you are not injured in a car accident you can be significantly inconvenienced you may have vehicle damage or you may have lost time from work or in some cases you may have missed an incredible moment in your life as heartbreaking as this is there's some bad news about this type of case although this man may have had other remedies available to him a claim for personal injuries would not exist without physical damage this is because injuries are accurately measured by a health care provider while missing an important event is devastating it is not a medical issue that can be resolved by a settlement so in this case the answer is no a lawsuit cannot be filed if there were not any injuries in the accident however there may be a claim for property damage each case has different circumstances that surround it so there is no one set answer even though some situations don't allow for a lawsuit each case is unique that is why one of the most essential things you can do is to consult with an attorney who can help you work with the insurance companies and investigate the responsible party if you have been injured and need legal help call great house trial law today you can connect with us online at or by phone at (404) 599-9999.

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