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Can I Get Sued If I Hit a Pedestrian That is Not in the Crosswalk?

Hey, I’m Riah Greathouse, owner of Great House Trial Law. Colliding with a pedestrian is an alarming situation for everyone involved. Pedestrians, lacking the protective shield of a vehicle, often sustain severe injuries in accidents. Yet, the legal implications of hitting a pedestrian not adhering to traffic laws might raise uncertainty.

Can you be sued for hitting a pedestrian outside the crosswalk? Pedestrians occasionally navigate roads outside designated crossings or without proper signals. A driver might miss spotting them, assuming a green light, leading to an accident—a scenario that's unfortunately common in Atlanta.

Even if the pedestrian isn't in the crosswalk when hit, they might have a strong case, provided they were attentive and didn’t recklessly dart into traffic. They could file and win a lawsuit, guided by the "last clear chance" doctrine. If, despite having the opportunity to avoid the accident, negligence led to the collision, liability may still apply to the driver.

Amidst this, maintaining vigilant awareness while driving is crucial, especially in urban areas where pedestrians can be unpredictable. Their vulnerability to car collisions emphasizes the need for cautious driving.

In the event of injury, consulting an attorney is essential. Legal guidance aids in navigating insurance matters and identifying the responsible party.

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