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Can I Settle My Case After a Lawsuit is Filed?

Hi I’m ryan greathouse the owner of great house trial law when the insurance company doesn't pay the claims value many injured parties are left with only one option file a lawsuit most clients most significant concern in filing a lawsuit is the amount of time that it takes to actually get in front of a jury and go to trial this process can be frustrating but there's hope only five percent of cases actually make it all the way to the jury trial stage even when you file a lawsuit there is high likelihood that you will resolve your case without going to trial you can reach a settlement at any point during the litigation process sometimes a case is settled the day after a lawsuit is filed or right before going to trial there are lots of negotiations made before a trial where a case can be resolved a settlement is much faster than going to trial and you and your attorney will have a lot more control over the negotiations however you may receive more money by going to trial rather than settling your case and a settlement is also permanent there are many pros and cons to both the settlement and the trial before filing a lawsuit you should know all of your rights and responsibilities one of the most essential things you need to do is to consult with an attorney who can help you defend your case against big insurance companies you can connect with us online at or by phone at (404) 599-9999.

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