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Denise's Story with Greathouse Trial Law

Hi, I'm Denise. I'm a department manager at a large retail outlet. I'm also a busy wife and mom with an active family. I love my crazy hectic life. Then, one day I was driving to work when another driver ran a red light and slammed into my car at full force. Even though I had the right away. Thankfully, my airbag deployed and prevented me from going through the windshield. But I sustained serious injuries including a broken arm and ankle, let me tell you, the pain of broken bones is excruciating. At the hospital, they placed a cast on my arm and ankle and prescribed pain meds. I was happy to be alive, but I was devastated. I could not work, which meant no paycheck. I called one of those big nine law firms whose billboards are all over the interstate. You know, the ones that brag about how much money they recover for their clients. Well, my case wasn't important enough for them because they never return the calls. Then I discovered Greathouse Trial Law. To my surprise, not only was my consultation free, Riah, actually listened, and took notes. He went through every detail of the accident with me, as if I were a member of his own family. And then he explained that options. I would not pay a fee until he recovered a settlement from the insurance company for my injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Throughout the process. Riah is provided excellent customer service with a personal touch. In the end, Riah came through for me. Thankfully, I'm healed and back to enjoying my life. Thank you Greathouse Trial Law.

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