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Essentials to Keep in Your Car During Summer

Friends, sun, sand, and sea? That sounds like a summer to me!

If this has been your go-to chant through this past month, we bet you can’t wait to get the car loaded and take-off on a long, much anticipated absolutely unplanned road trip. And while there’s something extremely thrilling about waking up and taking off without any planning, the only way you can do so is if you’ve got your car summer-ready. Here’s a list of summertime car essentials to make your car road-trip ready at all time this summer.

First Aid Kit

A basic first-aid kit is a no brainer to have in your car at all times during the year. Whether you’re taking a quick ride to the local beach or driving cross country for that one epic trip before college, you never know when you might need primary medical assistance. Make sure your kit has bandages, gauze, instant ice packs, insect repellant, basic anti-allergy medication, etc.

For example, an AA 53 Piece Tune-up First Aid Kit is available on Amazon for less than $20. A couple of flexible additions to your first-aid kit could include a Tide pen, compostable wet wipes, sunscreen, etc.


Summer dehydration aside, a substantial quantity of water is extremely valuable during hot summers in case of an overheated car. Get one of those 24 bottle cases and store them in the trunk at all times, to keep both you and your car cool during your trip.


When is food a bad idea anyway! Stock up on all kinds of non-perishable items, like protein/energy bars, almonds or mixed nuts, crackers that don’t need to be constantly checked for expiry and give you the energy boost you need to avoid mishaps during empty long highway stretches with a hangry driver. It may also be wise to keep a small case of juice boxes, especially if you have kids.


A simple picnic blanket that can double up as a makeshift covering is useful in more ways than you can imagine. The best bit is, do a Marie Kondo-esque roll up and it can fit in a tiny corner of the trunk without commanding too much space.


Don’t let rain or shine kill your mojo. A fully functional umbrella ensures you’re never caught off-guard by moody weather. If you’re finicky about keeping your car dry, get the one that collapses inside out, or comes with a cover of its own.

A Safety Bag

This is another of those essential bags, quite like the first-aid kit, that you must have in your car at all times. Things to keep in the safety bag include ropes, jumper cables, flashlight, tire gauge, cellphone charger, set of extra regular size batteries, duct tape, reflective triangles and/or other warning devices and a multi-purpose tool.

Spare Tire

A spare, perfectly functional tire is an all-time must-have. Tires can go bust during long road trips and having a spare tire will ensure you reach the closest repair shop quick and easy. A spare tire is useless without a tire jack and a tire iron, so check on those too before you step on the gas.

Refresh your tire changing skills with a video or two. If you drive one of those fancy cars where you need a security key to change the wheels, make sure you have that right at the get-go.

Magic Tank

A truly magical $20 lifesaver, Magic Tank is a non-flammable liquid that can extend the life of a near-empty tank. The liquid basically harnesses the reserve fuel from your car, acting as a booster to get you to the nearest gas station. It’s safe to store in the trunk and easy to use.

Information Kit

This may seem redundant in the digital age, but in the odd chances that your phone runs out of charge or you have no cellphone network, this kit is going to save your life. Things to include; a set of copies of your License & Registration, your AAA card, your personal and car insurance papers, paper maps, and a list of emergency contacts, including your lawyer. Stash this kit in a secret corner of the car, as a backup. You never know when it may come handy.

Emergency Money

Believe it or not, cash is still king. Think carwash tips, parking meters, road tolls. It’s always wise to have a secret stash of money, ideally in the glove compartment that you can access quickly.

Have Your Personal Injury Attorney’s Number Handy Just in Case

The last and possibly most important step to take before you hit the gas is to educate yourself on what to do if you end up in an accident. Stay calm and avoid aggravating the situation for yourself people around you.

Make sure you have a dependable experienced personal injury lawyer on call, who can manage processes and formalities with cops, insurance companies and allow you to recover from the trauma of an accident. Now set forth and start prepping to soak in some summer sun and make the best of the season!

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