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What to Do If You Have Suffered a Hit-and-Run Accident in Atlanta

A car crash is a traumatic event in the first place. Hit and runs add insult to injury, and victims of such crimes can feel isolated and scared when pursuing legal action. Even if law enforcement cannot find the hit-and-run driver, victims can still reach out to insurance adjusters to file a claim and receive at least some compensation.

However, before you can file a personal injury claim, the police must make every effort to locate the driver responsible. Doing so often involves a lengthy and complicated search, leaving victims to wonder what the next step should be.

Contact a car accident lawyer at Greathouse Trial Law, LLC as they can help you understand your options. We can provide you with professional legal counsel and help you seek fair compensation for all damages you’ve suffered in a hit and run.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Handles a Hit and Run

Car accident cases are often distressing for those involved, and hit and runs are among the most heinous. There’s no excuse for a driver to flee the scene of the accident. It doesn’t matter if their reason is a lack of insurance, a suspended license, or possession of illegal materials. Choosing to leave the scene of an accident forces victims to shoulder all responsibility for damages, including medical expenses.

Potential injuries from hit and runs include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Damage to spinal cord
  • Injuries to the head and neck
  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Internal bleeding that may require surgery
  • Wrongful death
  • Psychological distress

Drivers might cause an accident by ignoring traffic laws, texting while driving, or driving under the influence. Then, they will flee to avoid legal repercussions. To help you find the driver at fault, your personal injury attorney from Greathouse Trial Law will collaborate with law enforcement, reviewing all available evidence.

Once law enforcement has located the person responsible, that person may hire an attorney who will attempt to find information that proves their client did not hit you or that you caused the accident. The driver’s insurance company might also make settlement offers to close the case early and urge you to accept minimal compensation.

Before accepting a settlement, it’s best to enlist the aid of a professional to help you assess your options. Contact our car accident lawyer at Greathouse Trial Law, LLC for representation in your hit-and-run case.

How a Car Accident Attorney from Greathouse Trial Law Can Help

Hit-and-run accidents force victims to grapple with the sudden physical, emotional, and financial damages that arise in the aftermath. Managing medical expenses, contacting employers, and dealing with new day-to-day challenges can overwhelm recent accident victims.

Our duty as personal injury attorneys is to mitigate stress and provide the legal knowledge necessary to build a successful case. We will help you meet all the requirements to file your claim, gather evidence to prove the driver responsible is at fault, and seek fair compensation for any damages you’ve suffered.

We can also determine the monetary worth of your claim. The amount will vary depending on the severity of injuries sustained, damage to your vehicle, and the specific circumstances of the hit and run.

Some attorneys might suggest that you settle, but many clients have successfully recovered damages with the help of our team at Greathouse Trial Law. We will do everything in our power to help you fortify your claim and receive the compensation you seek.

Choose Greathouse Trial Law in Atlanta – Your Personal Injury Attorney

At Greathouse Trial Law, LLC, we understand the stress of pursuing legal action. Our team strives to provide extraordinary legal service and effective representation. No case is too complicated for us. We possess the legal knowledge to build and defend your case and the relentless persistence to match. Each client comes to us with specific needs, and we’re determined to meet them. We handle every case with the same intense attention to detail.

Our team values efficiency, and we’re quick to address any questions or concerns. That’s why we’re available 24/7 and boast fast response times, as well as full transparency to keep you up-to-date with the status of your case. We also offer flexible meeting times for the busiest of clients and utilize contingency fees in our practice. You only pay if we win your case, saving you money and eliminating the hassle.

If you’re an Atlanta local and searching for a personal injury attorney, you’ll find over 100 Google reviews and five-star ratings praising the team at Greathouse Trial Law. We offer exceptional legal service, and we treat our clients with compassion and care.

We know the toll an accident or personal injury can take, which is why we work hard to support our clients as they pursue legal action. Our team has served clients for years, but we are proud of every successful case. We will never tire of fighting for you and your family.

To schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer today, call us at Greathouse Trial Law, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia at (678) 310-2827.

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