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Greathouse Trial Law Launches Free Assessment for Personal Injuries

ATLANTA, Georgia – Home to more than half a million souls, and nearly 150 vehicle accidents per day. And although vehicle accidents are one of the most common origins of personal injury claims, they are only one amongst many. But regardless of the particular circumstances following an injury, there are two major questions that should come to mind: How soon will I get better? Am I entitled to compensation?

Notice that we said “should” come to mind, because the unfortunate reality of the matter is that over 60% of all personal injuries are never reported. That number is even higher amongst certain professions, especially ones that tend to be physically challenging.

It is unclear why most people choose to never file any documentation about their injuries, but Greathouse Trial Law believes everyone is entitled to know the potential compensation for their pain and suffering. That is why the firm is now providing a simple, yet effective assessment to help victims determine whether their particular injury qualifies them for any type of compensation. The assessment takes only a couple of minutes to complete, and it is completely free of charge!

If you are interested in taking the quiz to determine the potential compensation for your injuries, head on over to Greathouse Trial Law’s official Facebook page.

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About Greathouse Trial Law, LLC

Riah Greathouse and Greathouse Trial Law care about their clients and go above and beyond to represent their interests, from negotiating with insurance companies to fighting for their clients in court, if necessary. The Atlanta-based personal injury law firm offers a skilled and experienced team in a broad range of practice areas, from auto accidents to slip and falls, with services throughout the state of Georgia. For a free consultation, contact Greathouse Trial Law at 678-310-2827.

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